About Me

Creative Designer and Expert
Print Media
Web Design
Video Production

Originally born and raised in Chicago, IL, I’ve spent much of my life in Central Florida. My passion for graphic design, web development, photography and videography was initially sparked in 2000 when I began experimenting with digital design applications.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media in Internet and Interactive Systems from the University of Central Florida. I specifically chose that program because it would enable me to gain experience in multiple fields of digital media, including graphic design, programming, videography, web design, computer animation and much more.

Throughout my professional career, I gained valuable hands-on experience with the industry-standard set of graphic design tools, professional website development, and audio and video equipment. My versatile background in print, web and video, combined with my clear communication and results-oriented mindset enables me to successfully lead and manage a team of creative designers.

For more information about my creative background, take a look at my resume and examples of my prior work highlighted in my portfolio. With every project, I produce world-class solutions that deliver an unparalleled creative vision.

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